Shower Spares

Shower Haus is proud to be able to offer a wide range of spares for most showers. Replacement seals for frameless / rimless showers as well as a wide range of wheels/rollers for framed and semi-frameless showers.

We carry a range of replacement polycarbonate seals for most frameless showers.

We have spares for most frameless showers, if the showers are not older than 5 years.

We carry a wide range of wheels for a variety of framed and semi frameless showers.

We can supply replacement hardware ( hinges, handles, wheels) for most showers

Call us, email us a pic or pop into our showroom with a sample of what you require and we will do our very best to be able to source it for you.

200mm back to back handle.

460mm towel rail with backing knob.

Back to back knob.

Bracket wheel for framed sliding enclosure.

Double wheel for bottom of semi-frameless sliding shower.

Double wheel for top of semi-frameless sliding shower.

Seals 90.

Seals 135.

Seals 180.

Single wheel for bottom rail of semi-frameless sliding shower.

Single wheel for top rail of semi-frameless sliding shower.

Spider wheel.

460mm * 150mm bow towel rail.

Square knob.

Stainless steel bow towel rail.

Stainless steel bow towel rail with backing knob.


Single wheels plastic

Double wheels plastic

Double wheels zinc